Fundings & Projects


  1. 2019-2022, Socio-Techno-Economic Pathways for sustainable Urban energy DeveloPment-STEP-UP, (JPI-NSFC project) (71961137004) (Participator)

  2. 2017-2018, Flexible Urban sysTems in mUlti-eneRgy Environment-FUTURE, The Ministry of Science and Technology International Cooperation Project: Eighth China-Croatia Cooperation Committee Project (PI)

  3. 2017-2020, Complementary coordinated scheduling and control for multi energy power systems, The National Key Research and Development Program of China (Sub-task)

  4. 2017-2020, Flexible operation mechanism and planning methodology for concentrated solar power integrated power system to promote the accommodation of intermittent energy, National Natural Science Foundation of China (51677096) (PI)

  5. 2017-2020, Generalized dynamic demand response theory and method for urban energy system, National Natural Science Foundation of China (U1766212) (Participator)

  6. 2016-2020, Fundamental theory of planning and operation for power systems with high share of renewable energy generations, The National Key Research and Development Program of China (2016YFB0900102) (Sub-task)

  7. 2017-2021, Fundamental research on low-carbon and efficient multiple energy systems towards renewable energy integration, National Natural Science Foundation of China (51620105007) (Participator)

  8. 2015-2018, Coordinated operation and planning of electric power heat cold / gas integrated energy system based on concentrated solar thermal power station. Tsinghua University Initiative Scientific Research Program (No. 20151080418) (PI)

  9. 2015-2016, Methodology of flexible operation and planning optimization for concentrated solar power with complementary multiple energy sources. State Key Lab funded Project (No.SKLD1M08) (PI)

  10. 2014-2016, Power system short-term operation optimization and decision-making methodology considering intermittent energy spatio-temporal correlation. National Natural Science Foundation of China (51307092) (PI)

  11. 2013-2014, Power generation and transmission coordination planning method considering spatio-temporal correlated wind power integration. China Postdoctoral Science Foundation special funded project (2013T60113) (PI)

  12. 2012-2014, Decision making and assessment of power system planning considering large scale clustered wind power integration. China Postdoctoral Science Foundation funded project (2012M520272) (PI)

Industrial Projects

  1. 2019-2020, Research and application of grid-scale energy storage planning technology for received end power system. State Grid of China (PI)

  2. 2018-2019, Theoretical and empirical research of the key technology for the whole process management of power grid operation risk based on multi source data mining. State Grid of China (PI)

  3. 2018-2018, Modeling and analysis of integrated energy system in Suzhou and its industrial parks. State Grid (Suzhou) City Energy Research Institute Co., Ltd., (PI)

  4. 2017-2018, Development of power system operation simulation software. State Grid Economic Research Institute (PI)

  5. 2017-2017, Hydropower optimization modeling considering reservoir capacity and multi-energy capacity benefit evaluation. State Grid Economic Research Institute (PI)

  6. 2017-2018, Regional renewable energy accommodation peak shaving coordination in Qinghai Northwest Power Grid. Economic Research Institute of Qinghai Province Electric Power Company (PI)

  7. 2017-2018, The key technology research and application of wind power and photovoltaic power accommodation assessment, State Grid of China (PI)

  8. 2017-2018, Power gird evaluation method under wide area grid connection and high penetration of renewable energy, Economic Institute of Shandong Electric Power Company of State Grid (PI)

  9. 2016-2017, Key technologies of power system planning based on the integration of operation simulation and power flow analyses, State Grid of China (PI)

  10. 2015-2016, Key technologies of large scale UHV and UHVDC hybrid power system planning and operation simulation. State Grid of China (PI)

  11. 2015-2016, Spatial and temporal characteristics of high altitude large PV / wind power base and its impact on the power supply adequacy. Economic Institute of Qinghai Electric Power Company of State Grid (PI)

  12. 2014-2016, Power system planning technology considering large scale renewable energy, models and evaluation methods. Energy Research Institute of State Grid (Participator)

  13. 2013-2014, Long term renewable energy accommodation assessment in China Southern Power Grid. China Southern Power Grid Company (Participator)

  14. 2012-2013, Key technology to construct large-scale power grid. State Grid of China (Participator)

  15. 2014-2015, Operation efficiency of planning scheme of Jiangsu power grid, methodology and platform development. Economic Institute of Jiangsu Electric Power Company of State Grid (Participator)

  16. 2013-2014, Research and application of wind power planning technology considering resource and grid flexibility. State Grid of China (Participator)