My research interests can be divided into four main areas: Multiple Energy System Integration, Power System Planning & Operation, Renewable Energy Analytic and Optimization, and Data Analytics in Power System.

  1. Multiple Energy System Integration

    1. Energy hub modeling, operation and planning

    2. Network modeling and planning of multiple energy system integration

    3. Economics of multiple energy system integration

  2. Power System Planning & Operation

    1. Generation & transmission expansion planning model and algorithms

    2. Power system operation simulation

    3. Power system risk assessment

    4. Stochastic unit commitment

    5. Cloud energy storage

  3. Renewable Energy Analytic and Optimization

    1. Modeling and output simulation of the stochastic behavior of wind power, photovoltaic

    2. The capacity credit of renewable energy

    3. Concentrated solar power operation and planning

  4. Data Analytics in Power System

    1. Data analytics in power system operation simulation

    2. Power system probabilistic forecasting

    3. Data driven power flow calculation and topology identificatio